Chapter 4 What Is a Contract Section 4.1 Agreements and Contracts Answers

Police violence refers to the remaining powers granted to each state to protect the well-being of its residents. Examples of areas where states tend to exercise police power include zoning regulations, building codes, and hygiene standards for restaurants. However, there are times when the use of police force by states affects interstate trade. If the exercise of power interferes with or discriminates against interstate trade, the measure is generally considered unconstitutional. Restricting the power of states to regulate in areas that affect interstate trade is called the dormant clause. When using the dormant trade clause to resolve disputes between state and federal authorities, courts consider the extent to which state law has a legitimate purpose. If it is determined that the law of the State has a legitimate aim, the court will attempt to determine whether the effects on interstate commerce are in the interest of the citizens of the State and will decide accordingly. For example, an order banning spray paint enacted in the city of Chicago was challenged by paint manufacturers under the dormant trade clause, but was eventually upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals because the ban was designed to reduce graffiti and related crimes. The federal government`s power to regulate interstate trade has sometimes conflicted with state authority over the same area of regulation. The courts have attempted to resolve these conflicts by referring to state police violence. .

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