E-Tailer Agreement

This is good news for the millions of e-tailers who already operate “virtual storefronts”. But even with the smallest operations that are now able to reach the entire country, it`s easier than ever to unintentionally violate another person`s or company`s intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. In addition to partnerships with SingPost and Australia Post, Alibaba has also signed agreements with China Post and Correios Brazil. The deal with China Post, announced last June, is part of plans to open warehouses, processing centers and delivery resources to one another and set up an e-commerce logistics platform that will serve third-party couriers in China to open new stores and markets. The increase in demand for warehouses near the city resulted in E-Tailer`s entry into the sale of food and perishable goods during the lockdown.

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