First Midwest Bank Retail Account Agreement

CDARS®System absorbs deposits in excess of $250,000.00, then divides the money into smaller amounts and places the money in certificates of deposit with different banks within the CDARS® network. On August 13, 2010, First Midwest acquired Palos Bank and Trust Company in a transaction made possible by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. [8] As of June 30, 2010, Palos Bank and Trust Company had total assets of approximately $493.4 million and deposits totalling $467.8 million. First Midwest Bank pays the FDIC a 1.0 percent premium to take over all Palos Bank and Trust Company deposits. In addition to taking over all of the failing bank`s deposits, First Midwest Bank agreed to buy essentially all the assets. FDIC and first Midwest Bank have entered into a loss-participation transaction on the assets of Palos Bank and Trust Company for $343.8 million. [9] A health savings account is a special federally approved savings plan for consumers who are interested in paying for so-called medical expenses in dollars (i.e. .

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