Job Seekers Agreement Definition

The case for job seekers is different. While it is true that they are not active individuals in the strict sense of the word, it is undeniable that contracts give them a status similar to that of people who travel on the basis of economic criteria, if only because they are looking for a job. As I have already mentioned in 30 of these findings, since Collins, the Court has extended the protection of job seekers to the area of benefits, thereby ensuring that these individuals are not discriminated against when applying for benefits to facilitate their access to the labour market. Starting in 2001, the New Deal introduced a second stage of the application period. First, there is the agreement and the allowance for job seekers. If an applicant below the national female pension has been unemployed for more than 12 months, it is included in the New Deal system. You can also enter the New Deal process very early if they fall into specific categories. Beginning in 2009, a flexible “New Deal” program began using the private sector to provide tailored employment and skills support, with incentives for claimants to return to work. Among the legitimate objectives pursued by States, the Court stressed in that judgment the existence of a “link between those who are entitled to such remuneration and their labour market [that of the host Member State]”. (27) Therefore, the case law allows a host Member State to compel job seekers from other Member States to prove a degree of integration. It may be the integration that exists between the job seeker and the labour market, but it can also be the link between the job seeker and the host society, whether through family or emotional ties with host state nationals or through an extended stay. It should therefore be noted that the issue at issue must be assessed on the basis of the exclusive parameter of the Treaty, it should be recalled that Article 39, paragraph 2, EC provides for the elimination of discrimination on the basis of nationality between workers in the Member States with regard to employment, remuneration and other working and employment conditions. It goes without saying that this prohibition also applies to job seekers and applies to both direct and indirect discrimination on the basis of nationality.

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