Learning Agreement Sprachkurs

The systematic and widespread examination of the evolution of individual language skills across Europe makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of Erasmus+. Agreements between partner higher education and higher education institutions under the Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) and the Learning Agreement (LA) concerning certain language levels should therefore not be confused with an online test. These language skills must be guaranteed by other evidence when selecting participants. In 2017, the Central and Eastern European Student Exchange Community (GFPS) continues to organise a German-Polish tandem language course, for which German students who are still interested are sought. However, if further changes occur at the beginning of the second semester of exchange, you can submit another change form (“During the Mobility” section) that groups all the changes from the “Before the Mobility” section. By way of explanation, the revised Law on Higher Education Statistics, which entered into force on 2.03.2016, requires all public higher education institutions to collect differentiated data on study-related stays abroad from their students and to transmit them anonymously to the national/federal statistical offices. As part of the participation, students are required to register all stays abroad related to studies (studies abroad, internships, others). To do this, the “stays abroad” function is available in LSF. When taking into account the studies and exams of a semester abroad, please provide a confirmation of the stay registered abroad (can be consulted in PDF in LSF in the function “Stays abroad”). You will find practical information and explanations on the preparation of the learning agreement in one of our workshops.

At the end of your studies at the host university, please take care of the Confirmation of Period of Study exhibition, during which the end date of your ERASMUS studies has yet to be confirmed by the International Office. This confirmation of participation must be uploaded to your participant account in pdf format. We then count your actual length of stay. The conformation is the official proof of your period of study at the host school. If it is not submitted to us in the original, we will be obliged to claim the ERASMUS grant from you. The Stipendienempfänger_in(s) must comply, on its own responsibility, with the tax obligations relating to the registration and declaration of ERASMUS revenue vis-à-vis the tax authorities (Article 12 MV). . In some boxes, possible answers are dropped into drop-down lists to avoid wrong answers.

This is especially important when the corresponding data/codes are to be used to report to the European Commission, as there should be no discrepancies or contradictions. . . .

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