Six Swiss Market Data Agreement

Our market data team is happy to advise you and give you details about our data flows. c) Stock market equivalence: in accordance with ministerial deliberations on 30 June, the United Kingdom has confirmed that, as soon as its equivalency powers have been put in place, the United Kingdom will adopt the necessary legislation to enable British companies to comply with the UK`s obligation to trade shares on Swiss stock exchanges. Swiss government officials have confirmed that British stock exchanges will again be able to trade Swiss equities as soon as Swiss equities are freely traded on Swiss stock exchanges. SIX MDDX provides suppliers with real-time market data from the SWXess trading platform (including MiFID/MiFIR content such as UTC time stamping with microsecond granularity and MMT commercial flags), index data six, Swiss Fund Data, reference data from CONNEXOR and other sources, bespoke data sets (based on standard technical regulatory requirements, using the SoupBinTCP point-to-point network protocol). (a) COVID-19: HMT and SIF officials exchanged views on the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on their respective economies and financial markets, as well as on national and international political discussions. The guidelines include the trading parameters defined by the implementing regulations for all markets and trading segments of the Swiss stock exchange, as well as the list of commissions under the listing rules, the list of fees in accordance with the reporting rules and the list of fees, in accordance with the trading rules, which includes the various liquidity systems (LPS). And how does it work from a technical and operational point of view? Our microwave infrastructure across Europe allows customers to send data into the air rather than using fibre optics. This allows signals to be driven at the speed of light and transmitted as directly as possible. This speed advantage is associated with high availability and reliability. To this end, point-to-point connections between the appropriate replacement engines are designed, constructed and operated. Along the ideal path, the data signals are amplified by the courts on the towers.

However, each gain has a disadvantage which, in this case, is the capacity, i.e. the limited fluctuation margin available per route. This table contains daily market data from SIX Swiss Exchange – Structured Products to download. The files will first be published at 17:35 European Time and will contain the closing price and market volume. Files are updated every hour until 10:35 p.m., as the unsealed book data may still change. Transparency and equal treatment are the cornerstones of a regulated market such as the Swiss Stock Exchange. We are subject to the direct supervision of FINMA, the Federal Financial Markets Supervisory Authority and the Financial Infrastructure Act (FMIA) and we have 6 of the 7 licences granted by FINMA for the infrastructure of Swiss financial markets. The Swiss National Bank monitors SIX`s systemically important infrastructure (such as SIC, SECOM and the central counterparty SIX x-clear).

In collaboration with the Swiss Stock Exchange, the University of St. Gallen has published its latest research on liquidity sensitivities at auctions on stock markets. Senior officials from SIF and HMT discussed how to deepen cooperation in financial services through an ambitious and comprehensive mutual recognition agreement and appropriate next steps in the coming months. In addition, the parties exchanged views on a wide range of topics of common interest.

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