Standard Distribution Agreement For Pharmaceutical Products

2.9.5 Quality agreement. Mikah and DRL agree to enter into a quality agreement for the product that defines each party`s responsibility for quality, compliance and regulation. If there is disagreement between the terms of this quality agreement and this agreement, the provisions of this agreement are monitored. Companies generally employ distributors to bring their products to market and make them widely known. Distributors are generally specialized and competent staff with a broad reach in target markets. Having such distributors on an external pay slip helps, as it saves costs and reduces risk. It also helps companies with a local presence to sell their products in distant markets. 3.3 As far as the parties are concerned, YY is responsible for the compliance and marketing, sale and marketing of products in the territory that meet the applicable regulatory requirements. This quality agreement defines quality activities for the product manufactured by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, which is licensed to CASI Pharmaceuticals INC. and registered by CASI (Beijing) Biopharmaceuticals Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as “CASI China”) in the area, delivered by building F05, Beijing Tianzhu Airport City Free Trade Zone to China Resources Guokang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (`The Distributor`) for distribution in the territory in accordance with the provisions of the exclusive distribution agreement came into force on 15 February 2019.

2.5 Terms of sale. Orders for DRL products are made according to the standard order. To the extent that such an order contains conditions contrary to the terms of this Agreement, the conditions contrary to the order have no effect, unless the supplier accepts these conditions in writing or those conditions will hold the replacement of the terms of this Agreement. 4.3 When existing regulatory requirements change and there is disagreement over the interpretation of one aspect of the VPA and/or one of the contracting parties requests a review of these VPAs due to problems or conflicts related to legal or regulatory requirements, the contracting parties agree to review and, if necessary, amend and/or revise the terms of these VPAs. Renegotiations/reviews are considered completed when the contracting parties make a written amendment or supplement to this VPA.

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