Uft Remote Learning Agreement

Read the UFT-DOE Social-Emotional Screening Agreement for Fall 2021 Mulgrew: “Our agreement has been reached.” Peter (UFT member): Nobody agreed with anything! Do you agree on anything? Egon (UFT member): No.Peter: What about you? Winston: My mind is totally upset. Peter: I didn`t agree with anything! [All three slowly turn around to face Mulgrew] Mulgrew: I couldn`t help it. It just got into that. Peter: What? What just got into that? Mulgrew: Money. Mix. What remedies do I have if my administration does not comply with this Agreement? Any issues related to paying for remote work can be resolved through the DoE`s regular UFT complaint process. Other issues should follow the operational issues process. If all the students in your workload are absent and your building has not been closed, you can also offer students synchronous digital distance learning, unless your supervisor tells you with reasonable notice that you must stay on site. Read the UFT-DOE distance learning agreement for the 2021-22 school year Ask your section chief to file a complaint on operational issues if your principal violates this agreement, or call the union at 212-331-6311.

I don`t support Google Classroom and I was hoping to see it eradicated, but it`s still an improvement. Last year, I had to do this work for free. I never had a quarantine but I had to duplicate my regular work during my 2 remote periods. Now we are at least paid. Office hours mean posting a photo of your class work and/or homework, or simply assigning work from the manual. If they give something in note (rare), write it down. If a student has a (rare) question, answers it, it is usually a simple email. Tops of 15 minutes. You can do this during your preparation and get paid for coverage. The only negative is if you already get a lot of coverage. Then you get stuck when you have to do it at a lunch or a so-called duty-free session, which has been pointed out that some prefer to go home to their families or just avoid traffic.

The real battle will take place after this sunset and there is a new treaty on whether the Union will capitulate to the city and turn work into a distance learning school. To be honest, many of us work non-stop anyway without getting paid, but that`s our choice. Can they force us to work overtime? It`s not enough to get upset about it, the question is, is it legal? The deal is a bit convoluted and focuses on emergency closures and classroom quarantines, but what about students assigned remotely for health reasons? How are the instructions for this handled? What about the extra payment for these lessons / Yes, this agreement provides for some time during the school day when you can do this work. There are several options depending on how your school day and school time are structured: Dear __, We have maintained since last spring that the position of mayor without distance learning is not realistic, but just last week, the mayor finally recognized the need for a remote option for medically fragile students. But in the same announcement, the mayor said the city`s schools would offer “digital platform-based education” to these quarantined students. We told him that he could not ask our members to provide distance learning without collective bargaining. Today, we have concluded negotiations on your rights and obligations in distance learning only for this school year. We`ve made sure you`re properly compensated for setting up your classroom or digital platform. We`ve also finalized distance learning guidelines for student quarantine that minimize disruptions to your workday and provide compensation for attending office hours and other work that supports those students. See the full agreement »Here are the highlights of the new agreement: all this is just smoke and mirrors. Classic deer.

“Hey, look at what we`ve done!” Now, forward and up. No one, or should I say only a few people, will do anything for a T. Deer is about making things work for you. I`m going to take an extra 225 to make it feel like I`m working when I really amn`t. I worked office hours during remote learning and turned off the camera and microphone and took a nap. Let the deer work for you! Can an elementary school teacher be assigned a bridging class if it is not the usual practice of the school? Thank you for making your voice heard as we worked to reach these new agreements with the DOE. And thank you for the work you do every day to support New York students. Although it takes me about 2 hours to create and publish an online lesson, I would trade the 150 minutes per week of TERRIBLE for the farce of teaching and learning online. Was it even on the table? Teachers must have a say in what happens to their profession.

The UFT seems to be an independent entity! I guess the schools would have been closed today because of the urban emergency caused by the storm. It would have been a great opportunity to see how total distance learning would have been done – since DeBlasio announced last spring – more snow days. The DOE will inform customers that all employees represented by UFT have the option to work remotely in all job titles that do not have on-site duties or responsibilities. .

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