Act Public Sector Medical Practitioners Enterprise Agreement

Following a final hearing before the Fair Labour Commission (FWC) on 7 December 2020, the FWC approved the Medical Practitioners Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021. (EA). The EA came into effect on January 18, 2021. The agreement was voted on in October 2020, with more than 90% of workers voting in favour of the agreement. ACT physicians who were employed under the previous ACT Health EA (CHS) and who have since left the ACT after October 1, 2017 are entitled to a counterpayment. Licensed physicians should to obtain reimbursements. The wage increases and the aging of the current Canberra Health Service (HCH) staff under the agreement have already been implemented administratively, AMA ACT will continue to work with CHS on behalf of its members, as it is now clear that the case for comprehensive employment reform in the territory`s public sector is more important than ever. AMA ACT will focus its efforts on the well-being and fatigue of the JMO, with growing concerns about increased workloads and understaffing. AMA ACT has also actively supported a series of EA reforms, including the introduction of new working hours for chief health workers. For more information on the new provisions, see the doctors` explanatory notes 2017-2021.

AMA ACT has secured comprehensive reform on behalf of the territory`s junior doctors. WYD will receive a significant improvement in compensation to support their medical training: AMA ACT is committed to doing everything in its power to help our members – both WYD and executives – in the incredible work done for the ACT community. . The new allowances are paid for a fifteenth day as part of the salary and there is no need for a formal application. Assistance is provided to part-time workers. Calvary CMO staff are included in the delivery. Aid begins on January 7, 2021. Pay rates are adjusted in line with the CCTA Treasury`s annual CPI forecast. While ea`s fictitious expiry date is September 30, 2021, formal negotiations for EA 2021-2024 can begin as early as April 2021. CHS has indicated that the EA refund for payday will be implemented on March 4, 2021. If members have difficulty accessing back-pay, please contact AMAACT Manager, Workplace Relations and General Practice, Tony Chase at $ $4,120 per year for SRMO 2, SRMO 3, Registrar 1-4 and Senior Registrars;.

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