Europcar Australia Rental Agreement

Jumping behind the wheel of a new car can be an exciting time, even if it`s just a rental. But the process that leads to boarding in the driver`s seat can be far from a smooth driving, with the treatment of car rental agencies that are a little scary, especially for the first users. Given the amount of options available, as well as the amount of decisions to make before you even pick up the keys, is enough to get you away. Europcar ID is essentially your login data or a way for Europcar to identify you as a customer. It is easier for customers to book reservations. With your Europcar ID, you can also set up rental and booking preferences if you want to travel frequently in the coming months, as well as take advantage of Europcar`s loyalty programme. Simply create a Europcar profile and get an identification number. 10.4 If you return the vehicle to a rental station other than the one mentioned in the rental agreement or if the rental is closed, or at a location other than a Europcar rental station: your Europcar vehicle is equipped with a small electronic RMS E toll that automatically communicates with electronic tolls on toll roads. On some toll roads, these points are well marked; on others, they may be less obvious. All you need to do is drive smoothly along the toll road to avoid traffic tickets only and as your vehicle passes under the toll collection portal, your vehicle is charged electronically. You can see a flash, red light or hear a beep while you are able to say that the toll has been imposed. Your rental vehicle may not be equipped with a visible day. Nevertheless, each Europcar rental vehicle is equipped with the E-Toll Tag facility, which allows you to pay the toll electronically.

Your personal e-tag cannot be used in a Europcar rental car. Please ask for a bag to place your personal e-day so that it does not register when you cross the tolls. According to Europcar`s terms and conditions for rentals in Australia, the administration fee means “the fees charged by us (Europcar) for the administration fees related to your (customer) rental.” The average cost of administrative fees per rental car booking is not defined or known. Europcar currently has no additional travel restrictions for its rentals. However, we recommend that you check with local authorities about possible travel restrictions in the rental country or when planning entry to another country. The minimum age for all drivers is 21. Drivers aged 21 to 24 are limited to the types of vehicles they can rent, please contact the phone number 1300 13 13 90 for details on Europcar rentals.

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