Service Level Agreement Office 365

Unplanned downtime: Unforeseen incidents occur when one of the services is unavailable or does not react. GSX Gizmo allows you to measure the quality of the Office 365 service, which is actually experienced by your users on all your sites, and to talk about it easily. Office 365, operated by 21Vianet, is a service that is only offered and operated in China. This service is based on technology that Microsoft has licensed to 21Vianet. For more information, see Office 365 operated by 21Vianet. At GSX, we work with the IT departments of hundreds of large and very large organizations. They must guarantee and justify the quality of service they offer to their divisions. The Office 365 Service Communication API allows you to access service communication in the way you want. With this API, you have the ability to create or connect your tools to service communication, which can make it easier to monitor your environment. The Service Communication API allows you to monitor the following elements of your environment: Microsoft therefore offers a service credit that SLA provides for an SLA of 99.9 operating times per month, or up to 43 minutes 49.7 seconds of downtime per month before it is injured. This is consistent with most other Office 365 services, which also offer a 99.9% SLA. Microsoft offers a 99.9% financially guaranteed uptime guarantee for Office 365.

“Uptime” is the time that a cloud-based service makes available to the user, resulting in approximately 8 hours of downtime per year. Microsoft System Center is an integrated management platform that enables you to manage data centers, client devices, and hybrid cloud computing environments. Microsoft administrators who use System Center now have the option to import the Office 365 Management Pack that allows them to view all service communications in Operations Manager in System Center. This tool allows you to access the status of your subscribed services, active and corrected service incidents, and your message center communications. For more information, see the Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Office 365 at the Microsoft Download Center. The Service Health section displays the current status of the service and details of service interruptions and exits. Information about the planned maintenance can be found in the Message Center. For more information, see View the status of your services. Of course, this goes for the entire Office 365, so downtime is calculated for all Office 365 users, and since Office 365 is made up of many individual services, each service could go below these averages and have no real influence on the overall percentage of Office 365 uptime. For individual customers, uptime percentages may be higher or lower depending on their location and usage mode compared to the overall number of availabilities. Microsoft does not specifically cover Microsoft Team uptime or interrupt Office 365 service availability.

However, you are talking publicly here about the office 365 up-and-running life as a whole. Switching to a cloud service shouldn`t mean you lose the ability to know what`s going on. This is not the case with Office 365. Our goal is to be transparent in our procedures so that you can track the status of your service, track issues and have a historical view of availability. The following tables show current data on global uptime. . . . . .


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