Uni Bremen Erasmus Learning Agreement

Application procedure: www.uni-bremen.de/en/international/ways-to-the-university-of-bremen/visiting-students-exchange.html Here is a list of Erasmus agreements, classified by faculty/study sector and by partner country. When the student returns from his stay abroad, he shows his apprenticeship agreement and the transcript of the recordings of the person responsible for the recognition. The person in charge of the recognition issues a “confirmation of recognition” that the student gives to the town hall (exam office). Before handing over the work, the student downloads the documents online (transcript of recordings, certificate of recognition) in Mobility. Some departments may have other rules regarding the recognition procedure. Academic calendar: www.uni-bremen.de/en/studies/lecture-courses/semester-dates.html: www.uni-bremen.de/en/international/your-stay-in-bremen/housing.html prerequisite is the existence of an Erasmus inter-institutional agreement between the faculty in which you are enrolled and the partner university. Please contact Erasmus Coordinator, Mrs Hasenmoller, (barbara.hasenmuellerprotect me?! vw.uni-bremenprotect mich ?!.) for consultation and request. Courses offered in English: dbs.uni-bremen.de/sixcms/list.php?page=sort&e applications for these additional funds must be submitted through the International Office. Please contact Erasmus` institutional coordinator, Ms Hasenmoller (barbara.hasenmueller@vw.uni-bremen.de) to seek advice and assistance for the application. Here you will find an overview of Erasmus contracts, classified by discipline/subject or country. Important: credits granted abroad during the exchange period cannot be recognized for failed exams at the University of Bremen, even if this is stated in the apprenticeship contract. If the exam started at the University of Bremen, the exam must also be completed at the University of Bremen. The beginning of the review is the request for review.

(see also “General Part of The Examination Regulations (AT) No. 20 (5): “Unsuccessful examinations at the University of Bremen can only be repeated at the University of Bremen.” DAAD has the monthly Erasmus mobility grants at the national level: equal opportunities are one of the core values of the Erasmus programme. Many students with disabilities have overcome barriers to mobility and have begun their journey with the support of the Erasmus programme. You`ll find your inspiring reports on DAAD`s web pages. VWG Building, Room 0580 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 .m. – 12:00.m. Wednesday: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.m. The online application. Subsequently, the day-to-day documents must be sent to the ERASMUS delegate of the relevant departments. Erasmus representatives on the allocation of places. They are also able to provide information on foreign language services and specific technical and language conditions.

From March, it will be possible to apply for the remaining Erasmus exchange places. Before applying, please consult your Erasmus coordinator at the faculty. The deadline for applications is February 15 for the entire following year. However, if mobility abroad results in a significant additional cost due to disability, the applicant can make a detailed request for additional assistance of up to 10,000 euros. Apprenticeship contract for all departures (ERASMUS, other partner universities and freemover) Erasmus aid can only be granted in the event of an Erasmus inter-institutional agreement between the university of origin and the partner university.

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