Wrangell Public Schools Negotiated Agreement

Don`t forget to visit our page on public surpluses during the winter holidays to see the surplus laptops we offer at auction: www.publicsurplus.com/s…/wrangellps,ak/list/current. Custodian: This is a 12-month position with benefits paid in column F of the classified personnel compensation plan. For a full job description and payroll, please contact the District Office at 874-2347. *The Wrangell Public School District is not responsible for user-generated content and the views expressed in such content do not necessarily reflect those of the Wrangell Public School District. . *Discrimination (including age, sex, race, sex, colour, creed, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other legally recognised protected basis) will not be tolerated. Duties include monitoring the school`s budget through a uniform accounting code, maintaining financial records, completing all banking transactions, payroll, accounts payable, preparing the annual audit, and advising the Superintendent on all matters financially relevant to the district. Degree in Business Administration and/or five years of preferred school management experience. For a full job description and payroll, please contact Wrangell Public Schools, P.O.

Box 2319 Wrangell, AK 99929-2319 Applications must be received by 4:00 p.m. on.m Monday, December 17, 2012. . KSTK: Please advertise before Monday, December 17, 2012.Wrangell Sentinel: Please advertise in the December 13 issue of the Wrangell Sentinel. * Feel free to post photos of your own children, but do not post photos of other children without the permission of their parents or guardians. Purpose: Our goal is to share information and advice, inform the community about events and programs, and showcase the achievements of students, teachers, parents, and other community members. All members are expected to treat each other with respect. *The Wrangell Public School District reserves the right to remove comments and/or report users who post comments or posts that constitute cyberbullying or discrimination at the county`s discretion; contain nudity, obscenity or gratuitous violence; are commercial solicitations; constitute incitement to violence; are a violation of the law or county policy; support for or rejection of political parties or candidates; the promotion of illegal activities; disclose students` personal data; or that otherwise violate Facebook`s own policies. .

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