Japan Airlines Interline Baggage Agreement

And be sure to check your connection times. If your connection between interline partner airlines is longer than 4 hours for domestic flights and more than 24 hours for international flights, this is considered a stopover and you must collect your luggage and check again for your next flight. If you have a separate ticket for a connecting flight, please check in with an airport agent at your point of departure. Hawaiian Airlines will only pass baggage for flights of other airlines if the other segments of the airline are on the same ticket. We understand that sometimes you need to book different parts of your trip with different airlines with separate tickets. In this case, we cannot ensure that the connecting time is long enough to transfer your luggage to your next flight. This leads to poorly connected pockets, which is not a good thing for anyone. JAL interline with Air Canada. aircanada.com/en/. index.html Good news: Hawaiian Airlines has interline and codeshare agreements with more than 50 domestic and international airlines that allow you to fly multiple airlines with the same ticket. This means you can connect efficiently to and from Hawaiian Airlines` network – as well as your luggage.

Simply check in your luggage at your first airport and pick it up at your final destination. Hawaiian Airlines Reservations will help you book an Interline connection ticket. Remember that our partner airlines will also market Hawaiian flights within the state of Hawaii under their own airline code, so you`ll also get single connections with a single ticket….

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